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How do I earn rewards through the SpringBack program?

The SpringBack program lets you earn 4% rewards on every eligible purchase you make, and there is currently no limit on the amount you can accrue over time. Once an eligible purchase is made on Spring, your rewards will be added to your “pending” balance.

How does it work? For every eligible purchase you make on Spring, you will receive SpringBack rewards equal to 4% of the net purchase amount for that purchase. The rewards will be added to your account as a “pending balance” and will typically not be available to be redeemed for 60 days. All references to rewards in these FAQs should be understood to mean Rewards as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Spring’s SpringBack program, which can be read here.

Your rewards will be calculated based on the amount paid for each item, less any taxes, fees, shipping, gift wrapping, discounts, returns, refunds or credits. There may be a difference in the rewards shown on the product page and the amount in your cart. Click on your cart to view the final rewards amount.